The fact that something works doesn’t make it doctrine (that is, we cannot build men on it).

But the fact that something works mean it actually happened, we shouldn’t deny the happening, rather seek to EXPLAIN IT DOCTRINALLY.

That is, if supernatural experiences are repetitive in a particular manner, it’s very DECEPTIVE FOR ANY BIBLE SCHOLAR TO DENY THEM, RATHER WE ARE TO EXPLAIN THEM AND HOLD ON TO THAT WHICH IS TRUE.

We simply can’t sweep experiences under the carpet, rather we are to prove them by the word.

We cannot be Pastors who deceive ourselves that things do not happen.

For example.

I have seen instances where people in a family have a particular demonic affliction constant and replete with them, in spite of their distance anywhere in the world.

In some cases, they have a strange death occurrence at a particular age.

Some other time, they have a particular illness flow through them from generations!

I cannot make a doctrine out of that, I won’t also deny it happens but I can doctrinally tell what’s happening.

I can give a prognosis.

A hypothesis.

A theory.

I can even make a careful conclusion via rigorous study.

This is why I am a Bible scholar.

Else I have no business dedicating my life to the Bible in the first place.

So let’s go…

Why do people GIVE (SOW) MONEY, attach a particular need to it and many times, Have miraculous experiences of that need met?

Surely, these experiences are not random!

And if they are, at least they happened!

In the mouth of two or three witnesses, a matter is already confirmed.

Pastor Harry


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