How to lose SUPERNATURAL RELATIONSHIPS via social media. Especially between preachers.

1. Over-amplify yourself.

Begin to think of yourself beyond what you are.

Especially when rolling with Pastors.

Pastors know things, we have Info.

All kinds!

Now, when you come on facebook acting like your life is the best, throwing that in everyone’s face, talking down on others’ ministry.

You are getting high on stupidity already and that’s gon cost you!

This over-amplification happens in the following ways.

A. Jumping on everyone’s post and correcting them like you some Jesus Mopol.

You keep acting dumb like people don’t have an inbox, you leave their inbox and come on their wall, acting like you died for them.

Correcting them like they registered in your Bible school.

B. Calling your friends’ members and telling them wrong things about your friend!

Telling them your friend don’t know Bible enough etc

Just because these members follow you on social media.

That’s step 2 stupidity right there.

C. Step 3 stupidity is calling folks who don’t submit to you, sons.

Acting like you are their dad when in fact, they are just coping with your madness.


If you don’t know your boundaries in relationships, some weaklings will allow you defecate in their compounds, but if you meet strong folks, they will shock your life!

Maintain your lane my brothers, use your head, let Jesus use you.

Amen brother, amen to that.

Pastor Harry


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