The subject of SEXUALITY, IMMORALITY and DECENCY is most virulent when the FEMALE is discussed and rightly so, she has the features that elicit sexual responses.

I am not oblivious of men who are attracted to other men sexually and same for women, however, I am speaking in the light of natural sexuality (if anyone feels I just said homosexuality is unnatural, be aware that I just said so, and feel free to label me homo-phobic etc) the woman gender is the spark of the natural sexuality.

Her feminine features provoke to sexual activity and imaginations.

Thus, the subject of her sexuality and her DRESSING cannot be over-emphasized.

The epistles had no explicit texts for the male gender and his dressing, but it does have enough for the female gender.

This is because she is special, she can provoke us to lust, she can move us to immorality and immorality is not a work of the Spirit.

Thus, even though her dressing is fundamentally a CULTURAL ISSUE, the REACTIONS from the dressing transcends CULTURE.

Some folks feel when we say a church is GRACE CHURCH, they feel what we mean is LIBERTY TO DRESS ANYHOW, TO REVEAL ONE’S BOOBS OR BUTTS OR THIGHS.

Only folks who don’t understand us speak in such manners. I have ladies who use rubber to weave their hair in my ministry and we have never asked them to change to attachments.

Grace is not same as BRANDING. Grace is the fullness of God given us freely, how everyone responds to that in their individual dressing styles is not my business.

However, how their dressing sparks immorality in church is MY BUSINESS.

In The gathering of the saints and without, we are not to dress in ways that will spark immorality. Even though we know those who seek immorality will find a way to be immoral which ever we dress, however we must not be the fuel to their fire.

It’s simply unwise for lady to attempt singing in the choir or taking offerings or usher people into church with her boobs pointing out of her bras and her thighs laid bare, it diverts attention from the spiritual to sensuality, this ought not to be so.

Some complain that ladies whose dresses are revealing are placed in the back seat or middle rolls in church, some say it’s discrimination, I say it is wisdom.

The fact that we are preaching doesn’t mean we cannot BURN WITH LUST WHILE PREACHING.

It doesn’t mean we cannot be distracted sexually while preaching.

I have seen ladies who go to evangelize , dressing in ways that exposes their bodies, I have heard some getting raped etc.

I have not justified rape nor have I said it’s godly, I have only said we are not to dress in ways that pour FUEL on their fires of Lusts around us.

Are you are going for outreaches, dress in ways that suggest outreaches and not clubs.

Are you preaching, dress in ways that suggest so, not like a stripper or belly dancer.

This is simple, yet very important.


Pastor Harry


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