Mary was Jesus’ mother.

Yet, Jesus was Mary’s saviour.

Such duality exists in life.

And we must stop the spiritual emptiness we bring to the fore by assuming our siblings are just our siblings.

We must stop speaking low on God’s call over their lives.

We must stop discerning relationships after the flesh.

I will resist the temptation to use myself as an example in details but my immediate family has grown in God’s wisdom in this regards.

They know I m a man of God and treat me so.

It allows the goodness of God in my ministry to flow naturally to them.

For I cannot be a blessing to folks who disdain me.

God has Blessed me with friends who double as church members and even workers.

They take instructions from me, I lead them and we hang out.

They see my mortality and it doesn’t rob them of my divinity.

This is very important.

We must not be like some Jews through whom the Messiah came, yet they disdain him and killed him.

Spiritual relationships can be within family, and love will abound.

We can all grow in divine consciousness.


Pastor Harry


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