Stop being manipulative.

You have to outgrow this madness of SUBMITTING TO MANY SPIRITUAL FATHERS.

Are you learning from John the Baptist?

Let it be clear.

From Jesus?

Let it be clear

Are you a freelancer?

Let it be clear!

It’s a confusion strategy to hop from one PASTOR TO ANOTHER.

And some even do it in such dishonourable way!

They move on like nothing ever happened.

You just don’t see them anymore.

You don’t hear from them anymore.

Like you never laboured over them.

Like you never watched over their souls.

The next thing you see is they are a worker somewhere else.

They have taken a picture with another MOG and now use it as their profile pictures etc.

If you are leaving a relationship, make it CLEAR!

Make your reasons clear.

Let there be no ills.

Let the pastor know your position.

Are you leaving because if doctrine?

Some spiritual reasons?

To start a church?

Let the pastor be very clear what you are doing!

Don’t just shift and go on silent mode.

Only fraudsters act that way.

Let us know exactly where you belong.


Pastor Harry


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