Every sane Pastor must raise disciples.

A discipleship model must be available in every ministry and strictly adhered to.

The Lord commanded us to raise disciples in every nation.

To tell them what He has done and the Spirit at work in us.

It is only the folks who have followed this training.

Submitted themselves to this training UNDER YOUR MINISTRY that can be called MEMBERS OF YOUR CHURCH and you, their Pastor.

It 2018, you have to stop that fun you are having ; hoping every one who loves your ministry is your member or disciple.

Hoping every one who partners materially or financially is your member.

Stop expecting people to meet obligations they are not aware exists.

There are people who love to be every church meetings in town.

They want to be at every Carol.

They want to visit every one’s ministry.

Just tasting spiritual flavours

Just ‘window shopping’s and ‘Test driving’.

Those are not your DISCIPLE.

Your disciples must be clearly defined!

They have gone through the necessary trainings.

They have submitted to your authority as their pastor.

You can correct them, rebuke them, they are accountable to you and you to them.

They know it’s not a matter of money, age, marital status etc.

They know it’s a matter of the gospel and orderliness is instructed in the scriptures.

This is very important.

We need to DEFINE SPIRITUAL relationships very definitely in the new year.

A church maybe full and yet 80% are there because of one person in the leadership who is not even a Pastor, but surely has a lot of influence over them.

The day that man decides to leave the church, they all leave.

They were never your disciples.

You were just their hang out point.

All these manipulations and emotional distortions must stop in the new year.

Know exactly who you are PASTORING, let there be a proper account for them.

Don’t be found obsessing a sheep that only grazes off your field because his shepherd is not in town and just far away.


Pastor Harry


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